FIMC talks about international mediation with the Italian specialized press


Italian specialised press shows a growing interest in mediation as a commercial dispute resolution system.

An exhaustive article published in “Italia Oggi” on  Monday August the 8th highlights the advantages of choosing to resolve commercial disputes through mediation, from the perspective of skilled international lawyers, in-house counsels, arbitrators and mediators, the Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC) and Camera Arbitrale di Milano (CAM).

In the framework of this article the FIMC has had the opportunity to witness its experience as newly established Italian  international mediation service – founded in May 2015- telling about the potential users’ exigences that made the Chamber of Commerce of Florence decide of creating the service, its goals, how international  companies approach to it and so on.

All the interviewed agreed that companies that use mediation as a  dispute resolution tool usually give a positive feedback about the experience, and the thing to do is to work for increasing the culture of mediation among Italian companies that deal in a global market.

Please find below the articles:

ItaliaOggi Article

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