The FIMC Welcomes FIDRA Academy

The FIMC is proud to announce the establishment of the Florence International Dispute Resolution Academy (FIDRA),  the training institution for for professionals, managers and lawyers in the field of international business relations.

FIDRA stems from the experience of the Florence Chamber of Commerce in managing alternative dispute resolution, and is promoted by the FIMC together with the Chamber of Commerce  Special Agency PromoFirenze .

The global market offers significant growth opportunities. However, potential pitfalls must be taken into account. A dispute with a foreign partner and the ensuing termination of the commercial relationship, as well as an unwitting approach to the legislation and institutions of the country in which you intend to make investments, may be detrimental not only from an economic standpoint, but also in terms of lost opportunities and business chances.    

For this reason, acquaintance with local legislation, conscious contract management, as well as knowledge of alternative instruments for resolving international disputes, such as mediation and arbitration, become crucial in the selection and protection of investments.

Each initiative launched by FIDRA foresees the availability of both academic and professional skills to deliver the most up-to-date content in terms of research and experience. This allows all participants to take advantage of high-level content that can be applied immediately and effectively to their business.

In collaboration with higher level lecturers and experts, FIDRA develops targeted training courses, also on demand, relating to all aspects of international commercial investments, from the pre-contractual phase to potential litigation. Also, FIDRA organizes, in collaboration with leading institutions in the sector, a wide range of initiatives, including conferences, symposia and seminars, aimed at fostering the exchange of knowledge to the advantage of enterprises.


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