About Us

The Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC) is the international mediation service of the Florence Chamber of Commerce. Along with the development of means of communication,  commercial dealings and interpersonal relations have reached new global dimensions.

The chamber of Commerce has decided to offer its decades of experience in mediation and dispute resolution to individuals and companies that find themselves operating in an increasingly competitive global market and wish to choose Florence as the site for the resolution of all current and future disputes.

Mediation is the most straightforward among dispute resolution tools as there are no binding procedures. Parties create their own solution to resolve their dispute. However, in order to do so they require the assistance of a third, neutral and impartial party:  a mediator. The appointed mediator must be appropriately experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the dispute at hand. Throughout the mediation, the mediator’s only goal is to help the parties find a satisfying agreement for all those involved. In comparison with trial and other structured systems, the advantages of mediation in terms of readiness and cost are immense.

In order to promote the growth of mediation and bring awareness to companies of its value,  after its many years of experience organizing and cooperating in mediation procedures, the Chamber of Commerce has developed  a list of highly experienced and successful international mediators. According to FIMC rules all chartered mediators on this list must be certified by institutions in the field of mediation who apply assessment programs and evaluation criteria whose standards are equivalent or superior to those provided by the International Mediation Institute (IMI). IMI is a non-profit public interest initiative that brings transparency and high competency standards into mediation practices across all fields, worldwide.


The Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC) was founded in May 2015. Not even a year since its launch, FIMC has already become a pillar of international mediation in Italy, organizing mediations for significant international commercial disputes.


For its services FIMC guarantees fixed costs, as well as the use of Chamber of Commerce conference rooms for no cost.

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