Paolo Giorgio Ferri

As Public Prosecutor of the Italian Republic at the ordinary Court of Rome, he directed numerous investigations against dealers and purchasers of cultural goods, not only in Italy, but also in the rest of Europe, as well as in America, Japan and Australia.

In particular, beginning in July of 2005, he represented the prosecution in the case ahead of the Court of Rome against Emanuel Robert Hecht and Marion True (former curator of the JP Getty Museum in Los Angeles-California). They have been accused of criminal association and of handling crimes, in relation to an illicit traffic of archaeological finds of enormous proportions. This case marked the beginning of a new policy on acquisitions by many museums around the world that made themselves available to return many cultural goods stolen from Italy.

He has developed a wide expertise in relation to crimes perpetrated against cultural heritage, and has become in this sense a point of reference, not only for Italian institutions, but also for those of other nations.

He has been lecturer in conferences and seminars in Italy and abroad. He has also published many articles on the illicit circulation of cultural heritage. He worked as an expert for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

In the present day, he is legal adviser to ICCROM.


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